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Layoff Alternatives

Even now the recession of 2008 has only just been sufficiently abated to bring US employment levels back to pre-recession levels. When I wrote this the US Bureau of Labor Statistics had announced the grim reality that US unemployment as of March 2009 is in excess of 13.2 million people (8.5%) and is increasing at the rate of over 600,000 people per month. There is no end in sight and global unemployment is a severe issue for every country on the globe. Europe remains on the brink.

This first article in a series about people in this recession focuses on Layoff Alternatives. I’ll address them one or two at a time and I hope you will not only read them but think about how you can use them to make a positive difference today. I'll add the articles here as I publish them in my Profits Weekly Newsletter. Subscribe here.

While I am not so naïve as to think that you and I can save all of those jobs, I do know for a fact that we can do three things if you are willing to do things differently: 1. Save a few jobs when every one counts, 2. Make some lives a bit better during these difficult times, and 3. Do things today with our people that will make our businesses stronger today and better able to survive and prosper through and after the recession.

Layoff alternative #1: Training and Collaborative Microtraining

Layoff alternative #2: Marketing and sales multipliers

Layoff alternative #3: Problem solving

Layoff alternative #4: Team Building and Communication

Our recommended approach is Profit Improvement