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Marketing and sales multipliers

Layoff alternative #2: Marketing and sales multipliers

This is your chance to multiply the power of your existing marketing and sales team by expanding the size of the team. Be sure to include them in your work on this topic because it is essential that they take the lead and guide this process. You have the real opportunity to solidify your sales and build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Our suggestion is that, with your marketing and sales team, you identify those areas where others within the company can play a positive role in the sales process. Here are some examples that have come up when the question is asked: “In what ways can we leverage our company talents to support marketing and sales?”

  • Customer service personnel are given training and scripts to inform the customers they are talking to about new products, product promotions, product sales and so forth.


  • Customer service personnel are also guided on when and how to ask questions such as “What else can we do for you today?” or “What other products/services similar to ours are you looking for?”


  • Engineering, technical and support personnel are given training to know when and how to ask their contacts the types of problems the customers or potential customers are looking for solutions for.


  • If you have field service or delivery personnel they are equipped with brochures and guidance on when and how to hand those out to the customers they see.


  • A cross-functional team is established to generate ideas for new products and services.


  • Operating personnel are partnered with sales staff to visit customers to learn more about their needs and how they can be met with your products and service.


  • Management, of course, should be constantly be doing and/or supporting marketing and sales as a part of their jobs. They as well as everyone else should be asking customers something such as, “How can we help you get through this recession?”


“Many hands make light work,” is not an unreasonable thought when you find the many ways that people who are not traditionally thought of as marketing and sales staff assist with information gathering, product development and the sales process.

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