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Small Business Profits

 Stop Losing Profits & Increase Your Cash Flow - Right Now

bullet Get the right tools…Without reinventing the wheel
bullet Learn the best cost reduction methods – proven worldwide by businesses just like yours

Small business profits can be very hard to make.  I know this is true because Business Solutions – The Positive Way is a small business.  We have over three decades of experience helping other businesses, large and small, to improve their profits and maximize cash flow.

Here are 9 things you can do today to improve your small business profits and cash flow:

  1. Pattern after the best practices of other businesses
  2. Fire your most expensive and unprofitable customers
  3. Fire up your most profitable customers
  4. Cut inventories to free up cash – cash is king; especially in a slow economy
  5. Stop spending money on things that don’t add to the bottom line
  6. Spend more money on those things that do add to the bottom line
  7. Look for opportunities within problems
  8. Solve problems for others to convert them to customers or allies
  9. Continue learning constantly – the world is changing

To get hundreds of other proven cost reduction, cash flow improvement and profit improvement ideas and tools make the small investment in our big profit books Guaranteed to work!

Small business profit books:

These profit books are based on real world success and are guaranteed to work.  Real solutions for real problems

Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay is written for small business owners and managers who want to improve their businesses rapidly with over 250 ways to improve business even during a recession.  Achieving World-Class Profit Improvement teaches how to start and maintain continuous profit improvement.

Small Business Strategies

Start Saving Today - with these books and reports!



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Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement

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