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Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay

“Finally, Uncover the Secrets to Increasing Your Business Profits Using the Same Powerful Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement Methods Top Professional Business Consultants Are Using!”

Make it through the recession by improving your business cash flow and profits

This is the same powerful business advice that other professional business consultants
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From: Steven C. Martin

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

  • Are you ready for a recession?

  • Are cost increasing?

  • Is business slowing?

  • Is the price of energy hurting?

I can help you right now.

  • Increase your cash flow now

  • Cut your costs quickly - avoid layoffs

  • Improve your business health

In over forty years in the business I've personally added over $100,000,000 to the bottom lines of businesses as small as individual proprietorships and as large as Fortune 500 companies.  Thousands of people have jobs today because they and their businesses followed these proven business success methods.

Make your business pay today.

Buy now and save 20% or read on for more.

Sincerely yours,

Business Solutions - The Positive Way

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I'll Give you one Secret Right Now

You can learn all this on your own in a few hours with Instant Profits or you can spend a long time duplicating my 40+ years in business, a B.Sc. in Engineering, a M.Sc. in Creativity and Innovation and global experience.

Ok, at this point there may be a few people who aren't completely convinced that reading a book on business profits and business success is absolutely a necessity.

Let me quickly cover a few things...

7 Reasons Why "Instant Profits" is an Excellent Investment

Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay gets to the point and delivers on the details of how successful business people increase their profits and make more money.

It is filled with over 250 proven ideas, techniques and tools for maximum profits taken from real life and real businesses.  Gives you the knowledge to supercharge your profits and cash flow.

Instant Profits is not like the typical business books that make a few broad brush strokes at a business concept and leaves the reader wondering what to do next.  This book delivers in both content and context for use. 

Put these methods into action and you see immediate results.  Increased profits, reduced stress, happier customers, productive employees and more.  Benefits will show up in your bank account.

It is written in an interesting and compelling manner through the voices of business owners who face real problems and find real  solutions.  The enjoyable stories distill the essence of good business practice into context to illustrate practical tools, methods, ideas and techniques for maximum profitability.  They build a foundation to help business owners and managers see how they might apply the methods themselves.

You can find out where your profits are leaking out of your business  and take positive, corrective action right now.

You'll sleep better when you use Instant Profits to solve the problems that are keeping you up at night.

So How Big is This Book? Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay

  62,700+ words

  188 pages 8.5 x 11 inch format

  $ millions in value

  Increase your profits today

What are some of the over 250 business areas and topics Instant Profits can help me with?
  • Overhead costs
  • Health insurance premiums (31 suggestions)
  • Taxes (27 suggestions)
  • Lost productivity
  • Sixty profit principles and tools
  • Creating new products
  • Materials and supply costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Resources
  • Inventory costs
  • Pricing strategies
  • Waste
  • Fraud and theft - median loss for small business $190,000
  • Sixty profit related business mistakes and solutions
  • Much, much more

Read the Foreword written by Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate
Award-winning host of The Small Business Advocate Show
and creator of the small business knowledgebase,

See the table of contents to Instant Profits

I've read hundreds of business books and thousands of articles
and all too often I finish wondering how they accomplished their work.  Too many authors just want to look smart so you'll hire them as a consultant. 

I want you to be smart so you can be your own consultant.

I interviewed thousands of managers and entrepreneurs over the years.  That's a lot - too much really so I combined the best of what they had to say into story lines that run through the book and give their success factors from their points of view.

It reads easily like a novel and
it works like a powerful tool kit.  Start Now

Where did you come up with these cost reduction and profit improvement ideas?

I have files of thousands of ideas created while working with clients.  These are the best ideas that businesses can implement and get immediate results.

I've tested them myself and watched businesses of all types grow stronger and better using them.

Why do you give so many cost reduction and profit improvement tools as well as ideas?

I think that managers and business owners deserve to know how to create their own successes as well as following others.

It's the old saying "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

I like to teach - for a lifetime of success.  Ideas are a great starting point while tools can create continuing success.

Instant Profits gives you both!  Buy now

So How Does It Work?

  • I'll give you the tools I use so when you see an idea you like, you'll say "I can do that!"

  • Order the book and I'll email it to you within one business day - usually much faster.

  • Read the book on your computer with any Adobe reader and start putting the ideas and tools into action.

  • Watch your bottom line profits increase with every change you make.

Instant Profits tells you where and why most businesses are losing 20% or more of their employee's time on the job.

Did you know that your people may be only really working four days a week and getting paid for five?

If you order today, you'll get a 20% savings and a bonus FREE copy of - "The Bottom Line" - 57 ways to cut costs

Order now to save 20% and get the bonus

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Don't put this off for another second and run the risk of missing out on the benefits so take action now to help yourself and your business today.

The next move is up to you!

Wishing you success,

Steven C. Martin,
Business Solutions - The Positive Way

Want even more?  See what readers are saying

P. S. -- The special price of $39 and bonus "The Bottom Line" report is only available if you order today.

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Save 20% Now - ONLY $39

limited time introductory price for the E-book which will be emailed to you within 24 hours or less


PRINT EDITION ONLY: Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay (8.5 x 11 inch coil bound hard copy)
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PRICE $99 + $10shipping   USA and Canada $109

PRICE $99 + $35 shipping International $134

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Order the E-book now to save 20%

What are readers saying about Instant Profits?

I increased my profits in the first week after applying just two of the tools offered in this e-book.  Business is growing and growing!  Thank you!   KM, President & CEO

I wish I had know this stuff two years ago when I first started my own business!  The shortcuts to making more profits are just what I needed to keep my business going.  Thanks so much!  Bob A., Business owner

My company needed the advice and tools provided in this informative book.  We look forward to the profits that are in the making as we put the recommendations into play in our company.  Mary I., CFO

I didn’t want to put it down.  It’s so interesting I wanted to find out what happened and how they did it.
JP, Entrepreneur

I’m already using what I learned in the first three chapters.  I recommend it highly.
DB, Business Consultant

Instant Profits tells you how to succeed.  Most business books are like situation comedy TV shows…they start with a problem and end with everyone happy but you never see how they did it.  This book tells you how.
TN, Business Owner

Profits started increasing instantly thanks to the guidance and tools presented in this e-book.  I highly recommend it to all business owners and operators.  Bill J. CEO


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This is a business book that can help you create even more business success.  If your business is doing great, this will help it do even better.  If you are just starting a business, this will help you succeed.  If you are working through business problems, this will help you solve problems and create positive solutions for strong business profits.

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