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For Experts

Resource for Profit Improvement and Cost Reduction Leaders and Experts

Are you assigned to a key role in cost reduction and profit improvement within your company?  Have you been given access to world-class training and resources?  We can help you with training and resources to make up for what the company might not have given you. 

We can show you how to jump-start your profits and achieve results your company may not have thought possible.  We offer you the equivalent of an advanced degree education in world-class cost reduction and profit improvement. 

Our job is to enable you to bring your cost reduction and profit improvement methods to world-class standards so you will achieve exceptional results.

It's simply a fact that all cost reduction and profit improvement initiatives will slow down, hit barriers, become obsolete, and/or become stale sooner or later.  And if you are not using world-class up to date methods such as those in the Profit Improvement Process, your methods may be obsolete.

We can help you become  more effective by:

  • Learning world-class processes and methods
  • Overcoming barriers to success
  • Revitalizing stale initiatives
  • Learning how to move beyond cost reduction to profit improvement that includes revenue optimization
  • Learn how to create a more productive environment
  • Understanding the secrets to participation
  • Building management support
  • Learning super-powerful creativity and innovation techniques that generate profit ideas, evaluate them, and move to action in just a few hours

Even after years of hard effort and "good" results cost reduction initiatives are often only tapping a fraction of the true profit potential.

One of the major concerns we have heard from people who are assigned to lead cost reduction and profit improvement initiatives within companies is that they might look bad if they recommend bringing in consultants to help.  Business Solutions understands that and we promise to make you look like a hero whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for years.

If you are an established "external" business consultant, click here for more.

We offer you the equivalent of an advanced degree education in world-class cost reduction and profit improvement.  We recommend you start with the book.

Achieving World-Class Profit Improvement:  See world-class profit improvement processes.  .  A must-have resource for any  cost reduction practitioners.

Want to improve your consultancy? Start with the book today.

Join hundreds of companies that are using the information provided in "Achieving World-Class Profit Improvement" and start saving your company thousands of dollars in the first few weeks.  You can cut cost and improve profits immediately. Order now and get one FREE electronic copy of the $99 value white paper: "Profit Improvement Executive Analysis" what you need to know about cost reduction and profit improvement and a FREE copy of "Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay."  This is a Limited time offer so Order Now and start cutting cost and improving profits for your company.

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Funny Money: One quarter to one half of typical cost savings that are reported are "funny money."  They look good on paper but nothing actually reports to bottom line profit.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

We will teach you how to reduce costs and improve profits.

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