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World-Class Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement

The profit professionals of Business Solutions - The Positive Way bring unmatched experience in the field of continuous improvement, cost reduction and sustainable profit improvement.


Reinvigorate a stalled or plateauing Lean, Six Sigma or other continuous improvement program

bulletRapid Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement
bulletSustainable results
bulletOur models increase profitable revenues while removing costs and waste
bulletOur models and tools drive innovation

Clients often begin with our books and then use our consulting and training solutions for even faster improvement.  We offer world-class methods for Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement.  We help clients:

bullet Achieve profitable revenue improvement and business growth
bullet Cut costs with world-class methods for businesses of all types and sizes
bullet Develop long-term profit programs that sustain business success
bullet Modernize existing Lean, Six Sigma or Six Sigma Lean programs for sustained business improvement See how we do it

Consulting Solutions

We deliver results

bullet Measured by increases in your bottom line profit
bullet Revitalize your existing cost reduction, Lean and/or Six Sigma program immediately
bullet Enjoy a very high Return on Investment
bullet Create a competitive advantage

Cost Reduction Training Solutions

World-class cost reduction and profit improvement training solutions

bullet Introductory courses from one to four hours
bullet One-day and two-day intensive working sessions with measurable bottom line profit results
bullet Fully customized training programs for senior management & entire companies

Cost Reduction Books & Resources

bullet High value and rich content you can use right now

Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay book for improving business profits and reducing costs Achieving World-Class Profit Improvement book for cost reduction and profit improvement
Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay Achieving World-Class Profit Improvement

These two best-selling profit books are only available here


Free Cost Reduction Resources - Profits Weekly newsletter


We  bring unmatched experience in the field of cost reduction and profit improvement.  Steven C. Martin, President and Senior Consultant is the only cost reduction and profit improvement expert in the world with the highly effective combination of an engineering degree, an MSc in Creativity and Innovation (graduate number 136 in 1999) and forty years of experience in business management and consulting.

For experts only:

Internal company cost reduction and profit improvement experts and leaders  - 

For established Business consultants only who are interested in expanding their cost reduction and profit improvement practice


A world-class profit improvement initiative is as much about building as it is about cutting.

Navigate here for your copy of "Instant Profits: Making Your Business Pay" A powerful new book for

Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement

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